Join the CX Pro Club and unlock a world of exclusive rewards and offers. As a member, you'll get access to exciting perks and benefits that are not available to the general public. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your customer experience game.

Exclusive benefits with CX PRO membership!

Membership Program Overview

Unlock a world of exclusive perks with CX Pro membership! As a CX Pro member, you will enjoy a wide range of benefits, including:

12 Month CX PRO Membership

⭐ Complimentary High Speed Handpiece with orders over $500

⭐ 10% discount on orders
over $1000

⭐ 20% discount on orders over $5000

⭐ Free product samples
upon request!

⭐ Early Access to our special Sales

⭐ Priority customer support

9% off
For a year

Become a CX PRO Member

Exclusive benefits with CX PRO membership!

CX PRO membership Benefits

Get exclusive benefits as a CX Pro Club member for your orthodontic practice. Enjoy early access to new products, discounts on premium supplies, dedicated support, special events, and training opportunities.

Get complimentary products

Get Complimentary High Speed Handpiece with orders over $500

Get Flat 10% Off

Get an extra10% discount on orders over $1000

Get Flat 20% Off

Get an extra 20% discount on orders over $5000

Early Access to sale

Be the first to shop the sale! Get early access to our amazing sales and discounts.

Free sample Products

Get free product samples upon request! with CX Pro membership!

Priority customer support

Get priority customer support with CX Pro! Our dedicated support team is always here to assist you

What our customers are saying!

Best on the market

I love the quality if their twin brackets. Better than the one from the Big companies.

— Dr. L. C. Washington

Best quality ever!

We’ve been using CX products for over 8 years and have saved thousands of dollars.

— Dr. M. B. Colorado

Frequently Asked Question!

What are the main benefits to joining CX Pro?

CX Pro members will be able to take advantage of significant discounts on our site:

  • For Orders over $500 we ship a FREE high speed handpiece

  • For Orders over $1000, members receive the free high speed PLUS

  • 10% off their order
    For Orders over $5000, members receive the free high speed PLUS

  • 20% off their order
    Shipping rates for CX Pro members are a fixed rate of $6.95 per order, regardless of size

What is the Annual Fee for CX Pro?

The fee to become a CX Pro member is $249 per year. We are confident your office savings will more than pay for the annual fee.

Our office currently gets discounts already. Why should we join CX Pro?

In the current inflationary environment we have committed to keeping our aggressive prices at current levels. However, our costs have increased significantly. To keep prices where they are, we have added the CX Pro Membership option so that our loyal, high volume customers can continue to enjoy significant discounts on our products. So your office will need to join CX Pro to continue your current

Where can I get additional information?

Just email us at and we’ll reply right away!