If you read these blogs you know my goal is to have an efficient, low overhead practice. A big part of that is having a treatment philosophy/technique that doesn't include a lot of gadgets. As I've written before this is my opinion only and if you use these techniques/appliances please don't feel I'm putting you down because I'm not dammit!

Additional Anchorage Devices

TPA, Nance, Headgear- I never use these for anchorage. Once in awhile a Nance for space maintenance. Haven't used headgear in 20 years
TADs- Use rarely to protract a lower molar or intrude a molar

I'm not sure what the big deal is regarding anchorage. Maybe it's because I rarely extract lower bicuspids, but I just seldom need maximum anchorage. If I'm needing some help I use class 2 elastics.

Herbst/Class 2 Correctors

I don't use fixed Herbst due to breakage, need for banding, etc. I don't use some of the other Class       2 correctors due to cost and similar issues with breakage.

What I do use for full class 2 non-extraction profiles are Removable Herbst's. I have amazing success with these appliances when used on selectivemotivated patients.

I've discussed this in another blog. I don't use Invisalign because I feel I can get teeth straighter,          faster, and less costly with traditional twin brackets. And we offer ceramic at no additional cost.

Computer-Aided Bracket Placement

Too costly for me. I can find the correct spot to put the bracket on the tooth 95% of the time.

Accelo/Vibrating thingies

I don't need the teeth to move any faster. A .012 NITI moves teeth plenty fast for me. I also don't want to be hitting my patients up to buy more stuff at my office. We're good at selling braces to our patients so that's what we concentrate on.

Ok short Blog that's it for now! DC